Shed Staff Pack 1


Our figure packs offers cost effective way to buy larger amounts of figures for particular areas of your railway – and include a discount on the cost of buying the figures individually.

This pack features eight figures designed to bring you engine shed or workshop to life including young cleaners, shed foreman, crews oiling up and general laborers.

Included in this pack are:

  • #FP_0035: Footplate Inspector
  • #FP_0034: Young Fireman With Gear
  • #FP_0032: Young Cleaner Kneeling With Rag
  • #FP_0022: Cleaner Stood With Hands In Pockets
  • #FP_0021: Cleaner With Rag
  • #FP_0009: Footplate Crew Carrying Oil Cans
  • #FP_0005: Driver Kneeling With Oil Feeder
  • #CV_0017: Workman Using Shovel
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