Footplate Pack 1


Our figure packs offers cost effective way to buy larger amounts of figures for particular areas of your railway – and include a discount on the cost of buying the figures individually.

This pack provides four locomotives worth of drivers and fireman each in a different pose with a combination of left and right hand variants.

Included in this pack are:

  • #FP_0072L: Fireman Firing Locomotive 2
  • #FP_0071: Fireman Leaning in Shovel 2
  • #FP_0070L: Footplate Crew With Hands In Pockets 4
  • #FP_0059L: Driver Leaning 7
  • #FP_0049R: Fireman Firing Locomotive
  • #FP_0048R: Footplate Crew Leaning On Cabside 2
  • #FP_0014R: Footplate Crew Leaning 4
  • #FP_0011: Footplate Crew Leaning On Shovel
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