Hudswell Clarke Contractor 0-4-0 (Full Cab)



With the expansion of the railway network and the general industrial scene in the late 1800’s a large number of small locomotives were built for use by the various Contractors. Several firms cashed in on this creating small, compact and light weight engines that could run over lightly laid and often poorly kept track and be moved from contract to contract by low loader hauled by a steam powered traction engine.

The firm of Hudswell, Clarke & Co. specialised in such engines producing several versions of small 0-4-0 to suit different environments and budgets!

This model epitomises the Hudswell Contractors design and can be built with either a fully enclosed or open cab. This model also differs from our other similar Hudswell Clarke Contractors Locomotive with eh addition of a flush riveted water tank.

The model would look perfectly at home undertaking contracting work or shunting a factory, wharf, private siding or even hauling passenger trains on a light railway.

This 4mm scale kit comes complete with everything you will need to complete a finished body except for the chassis (and glue + paint).

The model is designed to fit on the Hornby W4 Peckett chassis. Please see the instruction sheet here for notes about the chassis and minor modifications that may be required.

Included in the kit are:
• Main body
• Separate cab roof, backhead, sandboxes and optional toolboxes
• Handrail knobs and wire
• Smokebox door dart
• Cosmetic drawhooks
• Footplate crew (from our own range)
• Fixing nuts and bolts

This kit is designed for ease of assembly and requires only very simple hand tools, glue, paint and a little patience to complete.

This item is printed to order.
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