100HP Sentinel – Pre-War Version



During the 1920s and 1930s the Sentinel Waggon Works produced a number of small vertical boilered, geared steam locomotives for industrial use. Available in gauges from 3’ to 5’ 6” the locomotives were designed to raise steam quickly, be easy to operate and maintain and work over less than desirable track and curves where other engines – including diesels- may struggle. The engines found favour with industrial users and one even found its way into LMS and BR use. Many lasted well into the diesel era making them suitable for a wide modelling timeframe.

The model would look perfectly at home shunting a factory, wharf, private siding or other light or medium industrial setting.

This 4mm scale kit comes complete with everything you will need to complete a finished body except for the chassis (and glue + paint).

The model is designed to fit on the Hornby 48DS chassis. Which requires no modification. Please see the instruction sheet here for more information on assembly.

Included in the kit are:
• Main body
• Separate cab roof, sandboxes and optional toolboxes
• Handrail wire
• NEM Couplings
• Cosmetic drawhooks
• Footplate crew (from our own range)
• Fixing nuts

This kit is designed for ease of assembly and requires only very simple hand tools, glue, paint and a little patience to complete.

This item is printed to order.
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