Large Scale Figures and Accessories

Would you like to see yourself as a miniature figure driving the engine you have spent your time and money building? Well now you can!

Hardy’s Hobbies specialises in the production of large scale figures and accessories for the model engineering hobby.

Our figures are produced as hollow models and supplied in two halves. Once removed from their supports these can be glued, ballast filled, and finished by you to produce a really unique display  model for your locomotive. Any of our standard figures can be produced in the larger scales with each item being specially made to order.

Alternatively, why not get yourself scanned to drive your own loco?

To ensure the best fit we work with customers to check the cab height and other critical measurements and adjust each model accordingly before printing.

An example of our work can be seen on this 5” gauge ‘Butch’ at Maidstone Model Engineers below.

Prices for 5” gauge figures are £50 plus postage and packaging, alongside any custom scanning costs if required.

Please contact us for more information and ordering.