Can you make a figure of / offer a variant of?

We are always looking for suggestions to add to our range, so please use the contact us form on our site and get in touch.

If you are looking for something more specialised, then you could consider a custom scan.

What scales do you use?

Gauge / Scale Ratio
N Gauge (See Notice Below) 1:148
HO Gauge 1:87
OO Gauge 1:76
O 1:43.5
Gauge 1 1:32
G Scale 1:22.5
16mm Scale 1:19.05
7/8ths Scale 1:13.7
5 Inch Gauge 1:11.3

N Gauge Notice

Due to popular demand, we have rolled out our products (except animals and accessories) in N Gauge, but given the size of our range it has not been possible to individually verify whether each model can be created. We test  models in OO and O, and printing larger is always possible whereas printing smaller raises more concerns.

After some internal thinking, we have decided to release all of our products in N gauge with a notice on the product page warning that the model may not be producible. In the event this happens, we will contact you to let you know and will have issued a refund to the value of the model, and any shipping charges if it cancels the entire order (eg. there was only one model ordered and it wasn’t producible). Further to this, we will then remove the model from sale on our site to prevent further customers ordering it.

How are models sent out?

Our models are sent out still attached to their sprues for most gauges / scales as this provides additional strength to fragile parts during transportation . For larger scales, models are cut off their sprues.

For 5 Inch and some 7/8ths scale models, figures are sent in two parts due to their size, usually cut at the waist. These will need to be stuck together and filler applied to create a smooth surface.

My model has a minor hole in it?

Most models from Gauge 1 and up are hollowed, which allows us to be able to provided competitive pricing. To ensure that no resin is stuck inside the model we have to create small drain holes which are usually placed on the bottom of shoes or underneath long coats.

For some of our larger models (7/8th, 5 Inch), we can experience small unexpected holes / slits which occur during the printing process which is caused by an air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the model. When this occurs, we inspect the model and decide if the hole degrades the detail of the model or not, and in cases it does not we will ship it as is. Our reasoning behind this is that the only solution to the problem would be to create air pressure holes in both the top and bottom of the models, and holes in the head degrade much more from the detailing of our models than small slits elsewhere which can easily be fillered in (see image below for an example of an acceptable hole).

I’ve placed an order but have had no email?

Please check your spam email – as a new business our emails can unfortunately be treated as spam as anti-spam filters do not recognise our address. If you still do not have an email after a few hours please contact us using the form on our site.

I’ve placed an order but it has not yet been shipped?

For OO and O gauge items, we hold limited stock and aim to ship within 3-5 working days. For all other items, we print to order so we aim to ship within 2 weeks of ordering. If we encounter issues, or have a period of high demand we will let you know.

My order has arrived but an item is broken?

Please accept our apologies. Unfortunately these things can happen, so please contact us using the form on our site and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

I have a shipping question?

Please read our shipping information page first, and if that doesn’t resolve your query then please contact us using the form on our site.

What payment methods do you support?

We are able to accept credit / debit cards, and PayPal.